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The writer

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Once upon a time there was a writer. I mean… he wanted to be a writer. He dreamt about being one. About beautiful girls crawling at his feet. Yes – if he is a kind of artistic soul, than I’m Coco Jumbo… and I’m not.

He only dreamt about being famous. His only motivation was he was idolized by people. And those girls, of course. Essentially the girls.

He used to imagine himself loved by blondies, dark-haired, red-haired, brunette, tall, short, beautiful, not-in-a-first-look beautiful, elder, younger… girls.

Yes! You can imagine – there were not so many girls in his real life. Actually there were two of them – his mother and a pet kitty. Both of them adored our Not-So-Writer to the limit of propriety. Oh! Maybe in case of the cat it was reversely – the cat was being adored.

Anyway, the Not-So-Writer in his dreamed life has one weakness. He hadn’t the ability to write and he didn’t imagine about what he could write. The one and only thing he could write himself was a list of shopping. Not so fascinating, even for blondies. For the worse he was too lazy for training his skills. He was rather a kind of TV-couch-chips-and-beer person. You know what I mean.

Once he was on staff training. It was a training for online marketers. According to the trainer one of the most useful skill of any online marketer is to write informational notes. If you want to sell anything, you have to describe it like it was the most necessary thing in the world or maybe the entire universe.

“You don’t even need to write anything by yourself”, said the trainer. “Just find two, five, hundred notes about any product and copy them. Not whole, it’s a plagiarism. If you copy just a little part, then it’s an inspiration”.

The trainer was very suggestive, especially she was a beautiful girl-trainer. We pave dreams about the trainer over.

In this case our Not-So-Writer was very teachable. In a short period of time he started to make thousands of copied notes for a huge money. It came to the point that he copied his own notices. And that’s the way how the Not-So-Writer became a copywriter. A rich one. And what about girls and kitties in his life? How do you imagine?