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Tale story

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Once upon a time there was a king. Or queen. He/she was transsexual, that’s why we need to make a deal to call him/her the queen or the king. Historical sources are silent about his/her physical and emotional sex. We don’t even have any picture of him/her. About plastic surgery he/she could only dream. Then we’ll call him/her the King… or the Queen. It depends what will be more comfortable.

Anyway, once upon a time there was the King. She was very interested about Argentine dance called tango. He’ve never seen it not to mention dancing. It was her greatest dream to feel this dance, so he sent a deputation to Argentina with a hundred carts full of gold. The best horses of his kingdom were pulling the treasure for ten years. During the trip fifty five people died and five hundred sixty-four was born (so balance sheet was in plus).

After they came to Argentine kingdom they wanted to talk to the king of Argentina. They negotiated for three months – only because of great happiness of Argentine king. For that volume of gold he was ready to give daughter and half of kingdom, not only a couple of dancers.

After a half year of partying the deputation with the best Argentine dancers started back route. After next three months they were staying in front of his/her majesty. The Queen didn’t want to wait any second more. He had ordered to dancers to dance.

And then suddenly a disaster happened. They had realized that they didn’t invite any musicians. Nobody in the all, entire kingdom could play Argentine rhythm. What a shame! The Queen was falling into depression. All people in the kingdom had a heartache.

Suddenly telephone rang. It was the Argentine king. He wanted to talk about his dancers and ask how the Queen was found their performance. When he heard about the problem, he simply said:

“Just open YouTube or the other musician service and play anything you want”.

And that’s the way how Argentine king rescued far-flung transsexual kingdom.